Writing in Science: A Symposium

The task of teaching pupils how to write is not reserved solely for English teachers. You cannot teach writing devoid of content, and you cannot truly say you teach a discipline unless your pupils become proficient at explaining the ideas of your subject in prose. So, teaching writing through your subject is inevitable. Starting with … Continue reading Writing in Science: A Symposium


Designing a Science Curriculum: my #rEDRugby talk

On Saturday 9th June, I was lucky enough to attend and speak at my first reserachED in Rugby, hosted at the stunning Rugby School, by the marvellous Jude Hunton. Here, I share my talk with some additional thoughts I didn’t have time to explain. This talk represents my vision for a curriculum. Introduction I find … Continue reading Designing a Science Curriculum: my #rEDRugby talk

Procedural & Declarative Knowledge: My #CogSciSci Talk

On Tuesday 29th May, the second ever #cogscisci 'Meeting of Minds' event took place. It was a thought-provoking day full of discussions about the applications of cognitive science to science learning! My talk was about how procedural knowledge should be practiced differently to declarative knowledge, using the teaching of Maths in Science as an example. This … Continue reading Procedural & Declarative Knowledge: My #CogSciSci Talk

Workload: solutions part II – why do systems in schools fail?

Systems in schools often fail for two reasons. Firstly, the workload-to-impact ratio is unfavourable. Secondly, the culture in the school hasn't united staff to pick fruits from trees growing in the same philosophical soil. Both of these contribute to an increased workload that can be diminished; the second and third of my three Cs of eliminating … Continue reading Workload: solutions part II – why do systems in schools fail?