Welcome to Bunsen Blue!

I’m Pritesh Raichura, a science teacher in a London secondary comprehensive school.

Teaching is an incredibly exciting profession. It is also incredibly challenging since ‘learning’ is very complicated to measure. As teachers, we have the opportunity to express our subject and pedagogical knowledge through our curriculum- and lesson-planning day in day out! Immediately, we can see the impact (however large or small) that our toils have had on our pupils and this serves the opportunity to keep on improving. For me, the most exciting aspect of the profession is the vast amount there is to learn about the best ways to help our pupils make progress. There is always room for reflection, improvement and dialogue. Importantly, there is an urgent need to ensure we use research to inform our decision-making.

As a science teacher, I have the opportunity to give my pupils chances to explore the natural world around them through a critical eye. It’s a remarkable subject that engages and rewards curiosity.

This blog is an opportunity for me to share Teaching & Learning ideas that I have pinched, adapted, innovated and tried. As well as generic T&L ideas, I will share science-specific pedagogy, literacy ideas (incredibly important in science), and also look at curriculum planning and assessment models. Cognitive science research is becoming more accessible to teachers and its application in the classroom seems most promising, something which is an emerging thread in my posts. I strongly believe that sharing ideas, experiences and research is the best way to keep perspective on the dynamic world of education. I’m keen to learn about and share ideas for implementing research in school.

I hope you enjoy reading Bunsen Blue.


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