Writing Biology Mastery Textbooks

This post covers: Why biology is more than just facts; Why I write my own 'textbooks'; How I write my own Biology 'mastery' textbooks - in 6 steps; An example of one of my textbooks. 1. Why Biology is more than just facts "Biology is just lots of facts." I hate this statement - one … Continue reading Writing Biology Mastery Textbooks


Evolution of Our Science Assessment Model: CogSci & Christodoulou

Assessment has seen a lot of evolution recently. New accountability measures across Key Stages recently has forced schools to re-consider their models. To adapt, a few teachers in my science department have been reading Daisy Christodoulou's lucid new book on assessment: Making Good Progress? We have also been reading various books, blogs & research papers to help us … Continue reading Evolution of Our Science Assessment Model: CogSci & Christodoulou

Planning curriculum for linear GCSEs

The new GCSE specifications are arriving with waves of reform. New syllabus, new examination structure and timing, new grading system, new emphasis on skills, absence of coursework, different emphasis on practical skills and literacy... you'd be forgiven for complaining that there is too much change in one go, with little time to prepare. Ofqual are … Continue reading Planning curriculum for linear GCSEs