KS3 Cells & Organisation

I have made a KS3 scheme of work on Cells & Organisation. The lessons are designed to develop pupils’ ability to write academically by incorporating activities which explicitly encourage pupils to use and reflect on the technical language that scientists use. This is in addition to rigorously covering important biological content.

The resources are completely free to download:

  1. Scheme of work (medium term plan) and knowledge organiser
  2. Lessons 1-2: Biology & Cells
  3. Lessons 3-4: Microscopy
  4. Lessons 5-6: Animal & Plant Cells
  5. Lessons 7-8: Preparing Slides
  6. Lesson 9: Cell Organisation
  7. Lessons 10-11: Specialised Cells
  8. Lesson 12-13: Diffusion
  9. Lesson 14-15 (optional): Unicellular Organisms
  10. Homeworks

To download the resources, you will need a TES account, which is  free and very easy to set up.

Please do comment / rate – any feedback will be useful to modify for future resources I share.

Mr Raichura